Step 1- Check your symptoms… Complete!

We’ve sent your personalised Symptom Checker report to the email address you provided.

Please note that this report just helps you to check if your symptoms may be caused, or affected, by your menstrual cycle, or hormonal medication. The report does not replace a consultation or diagnosis from a qualified doctor, please see your GP if you are worried about, or significantly affected by, any of your symptoms.

If the report indicates a possible cyclical or hormonal medication-based factor, it is important that you now track your symptoms over time (Step 2 – Track your symptoms), to help a doctor to diagnose and treat your symptoms. And remember to check out our tips and tricks for managing cyclical symptoms in Step 3- Manage your symptoms.

Many thanks for your contribution to the Menstrual Matters research project – we have now made your answers anonymous and will add them to our secure database (please see our privacy policy for more information). In time, we hope to find out how best to treat or manage a whole range of chronic health problems – all thanks to you!