Symptom Tracker

As outlined in this blog post, tracking your symptoms over time could even save your life, especially if it alerts you to signs of a serious health issue…

However, for most people, it simply provides a way to get to know ‘what is normal’, and to notice any patterns in symptom occurrence. [A completed chart can also help inform your doctor’s diagnosis, and treatment options.]

  1. Small Chart (A4 size)
  2. Big Chart (A3 size)

How does this symptom tracker compare to others?

There are various symptom tracking charts and smartphone apps available, but we think that our Menstrual Matters tracker is the best because it is free, it busts some common menstrual myths, and allows users to easily compare cycles, to spot any patterns that may emerge. It also provides space to work out what ‘external’ triggers might be affecting your health and wellbeing.

However, if you prefer to use another method, please do- the most important thing is to track your health and well-being, we don’t really mind how you do it!

How to print A3 documents on an A4 printer:

  • Open the Tracker pdf in Adobe Reader
  • Click on the ‘printer’ icon
  • Click on ‘poster’ button listed under ‘page size and handling’ header
  • Click on ‘Print’
  • That’s it! Then you’ll just need some sticky tape to join the bits together…

A note on fertility charts:

For those of you trying to get pregnant, or practising Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM), you may want to add your health symptoms to your existing basal temperature chart, or smartphone app. Most temperature charts and apps allow you to add such additional information.

The key difference between the Menstrual Matters tracker charts and those used for fertility reasons, is the ability to easily compare cycle-related symptoms on one chart. So, if using a fertility/ temperature chart, you may need to compare multiple sheets to identify any patterns in symptom occurrence. Likewise, if you prefer to use an app, perhaps choose one that allows you to print off your data, or visually compare cycles on-screen.

Toni Weschler, highly-regarded author of the bestselling fertility book, “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”- has several free fertility charts and a smartphone app ‘Ovagraph’ available on her website;


Feel free to contact us if you would like further advice or support in regard to tracking your menstrual cycle-related symptoms;