Living with endometriosis

When I was 27, I suddenly started feeling horrendous one day at work. I had just started my period and just thought ‘god, my pains are bad this month’.  The pain got worse and I ended up lying across some chairs, writhing in agony. My employer called my parents and they took me to hospital. I thought I must be having a miscarriage. The doctors assessed me and gave me two tiny pills, ‘It’s just period pains’ they said. This happened twice more before I gave up going to the hospital.

So, I suffered in silence for years. When I sought professional help from my doctor, they just told me that I needed to lose weight. No physical examination or discussion. I later consulted another doctor when I experienced intense pain during sex, as well as the usual monthly debilitation and being sent home from work. They said I had endometriosis. It had taken 7 years to get that diagnosis.

Tracking my symptoms has helped, amazingly. I now know that on day 2 I’m a mess. Tired, angry, low energy, low concentration etc. But, I also know that on day 12 I’m full of energy and very productive. Tracking allows me to work with my cycle- to exploit my awesome days and love myself a bit more on my not-so-awesome ones.

Melonie, UK