Severe pain and nausea

I have always suffered from severe pain and nausea associated with my menstrual cycle. It seemed to get especially bad at around the age of 15 (c 3-4 years after my cycles started) with symptoms of severe pain in abdomen and upper legs, accompanied by nausea (sometimes vomiting), and diarrhoea.

I started on the contraceptive pill at the age of 16 – GP advice to alleviate these symptoms – i.e. by running the pill on and not having a break for bleeding, thus avoiding pre-menstrual hormonal changes altogether. This treatment was effective, but in my 20s, I decided I wanted to have cycles again- so over the years, I have had breaks from the pill – and the symptoms are still there. 

I have not tracked symptoms for any length of time. But in recent months I have started to use an app and I am finding it interesting to be able to predict, and more readily mentally prepare for, my menstrual cycle-related symptoms.

– Anonymous, UK