FY2021 Annual Report

Full report- FY2021 annual report


To provide independent, accessible, and evidence-based information:

  • To improve the diagnosis and treatment of menstrual cycle-related ill health
  • To help people manage their health & wellbeing
  • To save the NHS unnecessary time and expense
  • To bust myths that only serve to marginalise people who menstruate


Hooray! Website traffic is double what it was last year! The website reached over 160,000 people in the past 12 months. Considering the poor state of menstrual health education, I take heart in knowing that so many people are finding out how to improve their cyclical symptoms and/or bust those menstrual myths!

Top 10 blog pages:

Top 10 blogs:

  1. Period pain-what’s normal?- link
  2. Menstrual maths- why we say ‘people who menstruate’ –link
  3. Blood loss- what’s normal?- link
  4. 6 breath taking facts about cyclical asthma- link
  5. Mood and the menstrual cycle –link
  6. Menstrual health diet- link
  7. Washing your lady bits, the facts- link
  8. The physical virginity myth- link
  9. Cycle length- what’s normal?- link
  10. The top 10 menstruation myths- link


Top 10 symptom management pages: 

  1. Top 10 symptom management pages: restlessness; muscle & joint pain; fuzzy brain; chronic fatigue syndrome; dizziness; mid-cycle bleeding; sensitivity to light/smell; nausea; ovarian cysts; and vaginismus
  2. Restless legs/ pins and needles- link
  3. Muscle and joint pain – link
  4. Fuzzy brain- link
  5. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- link
  6. Dizziness- link
  7. Mid-cycle bleeding- link
  8. Sensitivity to light, noise or odours- link
  9. Nausea- link
  10. Ovarian cysts- link
  11. Vaginismus (insertion pain)- link

Symptom checker app:

Good news! The number of people using the symptom checker app has increased by over 150%- This year, over 400 people received personalised health reports and added their anonymised data to the world’s first database of cyclical symptoms (with data from over 1000 individuals- thanks so much for your support!)

To find out more, check out the full 12-page report… FY2021 annual report

Many thanks to my Uncle Denis for funding the MM website, and Uncle Mike, Dad and Mattmoo for helping out with my living expenses, Paul Mc and his mad web skillz, Hannah Whelan for keeping me sane, the many menstrual health and human rights activists who keep me motivated and provide support when needed; and last but not least, my lovely friends and family- without you, I definitely wouldn’t be able to keep going… THANKS!

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