2019- Annual Report


To provide independent, accessible, and evidence-based information:

  • To improve the diagnosis and treatment of cyclical ill health
  • To help people manage their health & wellbeing
  • To save the NHS unnecessary time and expense
  • To bust myths that only serve to marginalise people who menstruate


Despite a lack of any promotional activities, the number of website visits has grown exponentially (by 800% over the past year)! We are currently attracting about 15,000 visits per month…

The symptom management page traffic has increased by 900%! From an average of 600 up to 6000 page views per month.

Our Top 10 symptom management pages: muscle & joint pain; restlessness; ovarian cysts; mid-cycle bleeding; chronic fatigue syndrome; nausea; fuzzy brain; fatigue; sensitivity to light/smell; and dizziness.

We have increased our blog traffic from an average of 900 up to 2358 page views per month (an increase of 162%).

Top 10 blogs: depression & anxiety; asthma; cycle length; virginity myth; hormone balancing diet; moon myth; irritable not irrational; top 10 period myths; menstrual management products; period pain-what’s normal?

The number of people completing the symptom checker app has increased by 150%. I hope to promote the app more widely next year, to encourage people of all genders to help build a picture of the frequency of the most common female-prevalent symptoms in the wider population.

To find out more, check out the full 12-page report… FY2019 annual report

Many thanks to all partners, supporters and users- without you, I definitely wouldn’t be able to continue this work!