FY2017 Annual Report

We are pleased to be able to share our first-ever Menstrual Matters’ Annual Report!

To provide independent, accessible, and evidence-based information for the public, clinicians, and researchers:
• To improve the diagnosis and treatment of sex hormone-related ill health
• To help people improve and take control of their health & wellbeing
• To save the NHS unnecessary time and expense
• To debunk myths that only serve to marginalise people who menstruate

• To raise awareness about the role of the menstrual cycle (or hormonal medications) in causing, triggering, or worsening symptoms associated with a range of female-prevalent chronic ill health conditions.
• To promote effective symptom management, through healthy diet and lifestyle changes, rather than immediately resorting to medication (which cannot fix any underlying hormonal problem, and may result in negative side effects).
• To prove that tracking symptoms over time is a necessary and efficient way to improve the quality of diagnosis, and health outcomes, of patients who menstruate (e.g. by reducing the costs associated with repeat consultations, or the prescription of unnecessary medications).
• To reduce the stigma attached to the menstrual cycle so that it can no longer negatively impact the health and wellbeing of all those who menstruate.
• To create new data, and collate existing clinical research, to provide the necessary evidence base to pursue the above goals.

To find out how we did, check out the report… FY2017 annual report


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