Blobcasting to the nation…

Well, hello there! Greetings from Menstrual Matters HQ…

Apologies for the MASSIVE gap in news updates- I am in the middle of a PhD, and let’s just say that it’s ‘fairly’ time-consuming.

Anyhoo, I’ve been prodded into action by my pals at ‘The Blobcast Podcast‘, who kindly invited me to speak at a live event, a wee while back. The podcast recording is now online, and getting lots of downloads… You too, can LISTEN HERE!

Obviously, I highly recommend that you listen to the whole thing, you are 100% going to learn something new and fun about the human body… But for ‘mega-fans’ of MM myth-busting (haha!), you can find my contribution between 25- 43 minutes… It was based on our top 10 menstruation myths.

Thanks to Hannah and Sophie of the Blobcast Podcast, it was a really fun, friendly, and motivating evening spent in the company of the nicest bunch of folks.

The presenters of the inaugural ‘Blobcast Podcast‘;

Back row, left to right;  Sue Couper (Women’s health and empowerment coach); Vlad (techie and venue manager of The White Post, Hackney Wick); Sally King (founder of Menstrual Matters- me!)

Front row, left to right; Kenny Jones (transgender activist); Gabby Edlin (compere and founder of Bloody Good Period); Milena Bacalja (co-founder of the Menstrual Health Hub); and Nicholas Hulley and Nadja Lossgott (the award-winning team behind the first ad to show RED ‘menstrual fluid’- in 2017!).