12 April 2017.

What you eat affects your hormonal balance considerably. Please see this blog post to see the clinical research behind our 8 dietary recommendations:

1. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
2. Eat lots of fibre (and drink water with it!)
3. Eat oily foods (mainly unsaturated fats)
4. Reduce meat and dairy products
5. Avoid sugary foods and drinks
6. Avoid caffeine
7. Avoid alcohol
8. Take nutritional supplements, if needed (e.g. Omega oils, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins, and zinc)

Menstrual Matters recommends the recipe books/websites below because we have found them to be aligned with a hormone-balancing diet, easy to follow, quick to prepare, & use accessible and affordable ingredients (usually)… Feel free to share your own favourite recipe books/websites with us, too…