12 April 2017.

You can help reduce water retention by taking regular exercise, such as walking, swimming or cycling. Also try raising your legs three to four times a day to improve your circulation, avoid standing for long periods of time, or wear compression stockings…

Compression stockings are not always the most ‘fashionable’ of items, but they really can make a difference. If you don’t fancy the idea of wearing the ‘flesh coloured’ type of NHS stocking, you might want to try more modern sports, travel, or even ‘fashion’ compression socks?

Menstrual Matters recommends the following suppliers of compression socks for their design, quality, and, in some cases, ethical supply chain…

  • Compression Sock Shop– A wide range of fashionable designs, fabrics, and types of compression sock (see images above). £10- £15
  • Afton socks– For those of you who fancy some high-end Italian designed, ethical compression socks! £25-£30
  • John Lewis– Simple black travel socks, gets the job done. £10