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Period product comparison

Cups, washable pants and pads, tampons and disposable pads rated by health, performance, cost, environmental impact, and more!

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4 steps to menstrual health

Anti-inflammatory approaches to significantly reduce cyclical changes/ symptoms of all types; a healthy diet, exercise, good self-esteem, and less stress.

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Top 10 Menstruation Myths

Taboos prevent people from knowing, or feeling good about their own bodies, or seeking medical help when needed, and contribute to sex/ gender discrimination.

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Can periods save the planet?

Aspects to menstrual management that have a potentially negative impact on the environment and health. In association with WEN's 'Environmenstrual' campaign.

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When hygiene becomes a dirty word...

The term ‘menstrual hygiene’ unintentionally reinforces the myth that menstruation, and the people who do it, are dirty. Graphic by Jo Harrison-

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Environmenstrual action

My top 3 myth-busting tips in celebration of WEN’s (Women’s Environmental Network) 'Environmenstrual' campaign to make eco-friendly menstrual products affordable and available to all.

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Washing your 'bits' (vagina and vulva)… The facts.

The menstrual taboo, plus the sexualisation of the female body, means that most of us do not know how to keep the vagina and vulva clean and healthy.

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Global period poverty- more in common than divides us!

Poverty and a lack of access to menstrual management products, adequate toilet facilities, or clean water all contribute to 'period poverty'.

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