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  • Sweatshop origins
  • Backlash
  • Alternative policies
  • Workplace discrimination
Source: Michael Wolf

Evidence-based blogs...

1. 'Menstrual leave' origins

Menstrual leave policies originated in historical concerns about finding jobs for returning soldiers, post conflict labour conditions, and as a means to protect national fertility.

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5. 'Menstrual leave' alternatives

10 workplace interventions that might actually help to improve the lives of people who menstruate (and their non-menstruating colleagues, too!)

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2. 'Menstrual leave' health myths

The underlying myths and misconceptions about the experiences of the general menstruating population that might make ‘menstrual leave’-  seem like a good idea.

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Why menstrual leave is not the solution

This sex-specific employment policy is likely to result in negative consequences and obscures the real problem- lack of knowledge about menstrual health.

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3. 'Menstrual leave' and sweatshop labour

The working conditions commonly found in countries that endorse menstrual leave policies have a few things in common, especially poor working conditions.

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Dodgy data and the menstrual leave debate

I looked into the YouGov survey dataset regarding menstrual health and found that the BBC misused data to create misleading sensationalist headlines.

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4. 'Menstrual leave' and gender equality

How menstrual leave policies reflect and contribute to cultures that position women as inferior to men, as revealed by wider regional and national contexts.

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Why sex-specific policies don't work for women

The evidence-based argument against menstrual/menopause leave and how maternity leave can show us why sex-based policies don't work.

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