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The Times- 1 Nov 2020- Rosamund Unwin- ‘Periods at work: should women get menstrual leave?’- article including an interview with Menstrual Matters founder, Sally King, regarding her research on ‘menstrual leave’ policies, which found that they are more harmful than beneficial to female health needs and gender equality in the workplace.

Health Affairs Journal blog- 8 Oct 2020- Elizabeth Tobin-Tyler- ‘How RBG’s Voice Shaped The Courts’—And America’s—Views On Women’s Health For A Generation’ – article about the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s influence on female health research.


Microsoft News and Refinery 29- 12 Sep 2020- Natasha Presky- ‘How can we know more about erectile dysfunction than PMS?’- article about the relative lack of funding for female health research.

Social Europe Journal- 2 Apr 2020- Klara Rydström and Rebecka Hallencreutz- ‘Trade unions and mainstreaming menstrual awareness in the workplace’ – article about the need for labour unions to mainstream menstrual health awareness in the workplace.

BBC Science Focus Magazine- #347- 11th Mar 2020- Feature on Menstrual Matter’s Founder, Sally King, in ‘A scientist’s guide to periods’.


The Sunday Times STYLE magazine– 12 Jan 2020- Direct quote in Gabby Edlin (founder of Bloody Good Period) review of ‘In the flo’ book by Alisa Vitti.

Reward and Employee Benefits Association (REBA)- 05 Dec 2019- Coverage of keynote speech at ‘Women’s Health in the Workplace’ event  and short video interview-

Reward and Employee Benefits Association (REBA)- 18 Oct 2019- commissioned adaptation of existing MM blog to incorporate menopausal symptoms into workplace policy recommendations for World Menopause Day 2019.

Stylist Magazine– 5 Oct 2019- Robyn Wilder- “Period leave: Would it help women in the workplace – or hold us back?” – Article about some of the pros and cons of the concept of ‘menstrual leave’.

The Blobcast Podcast – 7 Nov 2018- “How Menstrual Myths and Taboos Help to Perpetuate Gender Inequalities” – live podcast event, recording now available on iTunes. at 25.00 – 43.30

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Vice – 27 Apr 2018- Natasha Preskey-“When the Rare Birth Control Pill Side Effect Happens to You“- Article about the lesser known side-effects of contraceptive medications.



BBC Radio Foyle (Northern Ireland)- 27 Sep 2016- Mark Patterson show- Discussion re Menstrual Leave- at 01:18:18 – 01:26:15

audioboom_newsBBC Radio London– 23 Sep 2016- Drive Time with Eddie Nestor- Discussion re Menstrual Leave- at 36:34 – 46:22

bbc_radio_5_live-svgBBC Radio 5 Live– 23 Sep 2016- Emma Barnett Programme- Discussion re Menstrual Leave- at 01:52:25 – 02:00:00



King, Sally. (Forthcoming- 2021) ‘Menstrual leave; good intention, bad solution’ chapter in “Gender, Health, Safety and Wellbeing” as part of the Aligning Perspectives in Health, Safety, and Wellbeing book series to be published by Sage ( )

King S. (2020) Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and the Myth of the Irrational Female. In: Bobel C., Winkler I., Fahs B., Hasson K., Kissling E., Roberts TA. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Menstruation Studies. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore. FREE ONLINE ACCESS-

King, Sally. (2017) What counts as a premenstrual symptom? Exploring contradictory medical definitions of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) As presented at the SMCR (Society for Menstrual Cycle Research) conference, Atlanta G.A. 21-23rd June, 2017

King, Sally. (2017)  Menstrual Leave: a much needed OH benefit or a threat to gender equality in the workplace? Occupational Health at Work Journal Vol 13:5 pp 35-36