Gender equality

Reframing the endometriosis ‘diagnostic problem’…

Is the lack of an endometriosis biomarker test really the main problem faced by those who seek a diagnosis? I think not.

Premenstrual mood changes… What’s normal?

A myth-busting guide to help differentiate between ‘normal' and problematic mood changes. TW: Suicidal thinking

Hiding that You’re Hiding it: The Double Burden of Menstrual Invisibility

Guest blog about the double burden of menstrual shame, and lack of adequate period product access/ disposal in the UK.

Menstrual leave; what lies beneath… Part 5- Alternatives

10 workplace interventions that are more effective and less problematic than menstrual leave

Menstrual leave; what lies beneath… Part 4- gender inequality

How menstrual leave policies may reflect and contribute to cultures that position women as inferior to men.