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  • Menstrual myths
  • Period product comparison
  • 4 steps to menstrual health
  • Tracking your cycle
  • Keeping 'clean'
  • Differential diagnoses

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Premenstrual Inflammation
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Tracking changes
4 steps to health


Top 10 Menstruation Myths

Taboos prevent people from knowing, or feeling good about their own bodies, or seeking medical help when needed, and contribute to sex/ gender discrimination.

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4 steps to menstrual health

Anti-inflammatory approaches to significantly reduce cyclical changes/ symptoms of all types; a healthy diet, exercise, good self-esteem, and less stress.

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Deducing the role of the menstrual cycle in ill health.

The need to consider the role of the menstrual cycle (or hormonal medication) in any chronic health issue that disproportionately affects female humans.

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Why do humans menstruate?

It may seem like a basic question, but I bet you don't know the answer? Clue- it has nothing to do with 'cleansing the body' or preparing for pregnancy!

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Washing your 'bits' (vagina and vulva)… The facts.

The menstrual taboo, plus the sexualisation of the female body, means that most of us do not know how to keep the vagina and vulva clean and healthy

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The menstrual cycle as 'matter out of place' within medicine

Notions about the ‘dangerous’ nature of menstruation have led to a gap in medical knowledge, and research, on the role of the menstrual cycle in ill health.

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Period product comparison

Cups, washable pants and pads, tampons and disposable pads rated by health, performance, cost, environmental impact, and more!

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Differential diagnosis and the menstruation taboo

How the menstrual cycle and/ or hormonal medications, are all too easily dismissed or ignored when differentiating between female-prevalent chronic health conditions.

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Managing periods when you have a visual impairment

We asked people with visual impairments if they had any tips and tricks to share with others- they really did! Research conducted in collaboration with VI Talk.

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The reduction of the menstrual cycle in medical education

Menstrual physiology beyond hormones- what we don't know can hurt us! Even doctors are not taught enough about our bodies

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Know thyself! The importance of tracking the menstrual cycle.

Tracking your menstrual cycle really can; save your life, improve your health and wellbeing, and inform your doctor's diagnosis.

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Is this a monthly problem?

Euphemistic language might spare our blushes in awkward social situations, but it has no place in the diagnostic process. Our choice of language can make all the difference.

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What's normal?

Cycle length
Blood loss
Mood changes
Period pain
Changes v symptoms

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