What is Menstrual Matters?

Menstrual-Matters is a non-profit online information hub where you can;

  • find out if your health may be affected by the menstrual cycle, or hormonal medications
  • find evidenced-based ways to improve your health and wellbeing through simple lifestyle changes
  • and learn about how menstrual myths and taboos help to perpetuate gender inequalities

Why is Menstrual Matters needed?

A combination of social, economic, and political factors have resulted in an inadequate diagnostic process to differentiate between the symptoms of various female-prevalent health issues, and those triggered, worsened, or caused by the menstrual cycle (or hormonal medication).

What is the impact of misdiagnosis (i.e. failing to spot a hormonal factor in ill-health)?

The misdiagnosis, or a lack of diagnosis, of menstrual cycle-related symptoms can have a serious impact on patients and the healthcare sector; especially in terms of costs, health outcomes, patient well-being, and societal perceptions of female-prevalent chronic ill-health conditions.

How does Menstrual Matters handle data?

Your data privacy is very important to us, and we want you to be happy with the quality of our services and information. Please take a minute to read our privacy policy, terms and conditions, and website cookie policy… Thank you.

Who is behind Menstrual Matters?

The people behind this project…